Welcome to Reconnect From Grief

A coaching service designed to help you live your life after loss.  If you have found this page, I suspect you are looking to understand all that you are experiencing.  Even the terminology is foreign.  Grief is the mixture of internal emotions all jumbled up together. Mourning is the outward expression of what you are feeling inside.  Bereaved or bereavement is what you are as a person who has lost a loved one. However, we know…….

Death happens to all  – Grief feels Forever

Are you looking for answers that will explain what you are feeling and why?

Do you feel lost, confused and unable to connect to those things in your life that once brought you happiness?

Has it been several months or years since the person you loved died?

You have Begun Grief’s Journey

It is natural for you to be searching for answers because no one has taught you how to be or deal with death.

You may have been supported by your family members or friends in the past. 

Well-meaning as they are, it is often their discomfort that has them wanting to hurry your grief along.

You may even find yourself avoiding or isolating yourself because of their comments. This leaves you without any support, feeling abandoned and alone.

Can Grief Coaching Help?

  • Coaching is about receiving the support you need
  • Being truly listened to, heard & seen
  • Receiving guidance every step of the way
  • Working with your inner knowing & wisdom
  • Finding your way from confusion to peace

Once you are supported and gently guided, you begin to untangle your emotions, appreciate, understand them and not fear them

  • You will learn techniques to help you cope with overwhelm and indecision
  • Easily move through your grief, dealing with any resistance along the way
  • Root out behaviors that could keep you stuck
  • Discover your inner wisdom and resilience
  • Tap into your reset button to find your peace

You will come to a place where you naturally are ready to accept, let go, take action and truly can move on.

  • As your own confidence and resilience grow you will begin to uncover your needs and desire
  • You may even create a legacy
  • Explore endless opportunities as you create your life after loss

If you are ready to reconnect from grief and move into your life after loss,

The solution is easy; contact me for a Complimentary Conversation and together we can decide if coaching is for you. 



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