How to Survive Valentine’s Day

How to Survive Valentine’s Day

How to Survive Valentine’s Day

You may indeed by wondering how you can survive Valentine’s Day.  After all February is here once more and to usher it’s return, the stores are filled with red.  Everything from Valentine’s cards, to boxes of chocolates or bouquets of red roses.  These are all reminders that the day to celebrate love is fast approaching – Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day can be too much of a reminder of your loss

If you are single, newly divorced or have experienced the death of a loved one, this year may be the year you want to head for the hills or hibernate.  It is easy to understand why this day has lost meaning for you.  Somehow, seeing others happy and having fun can at times bring on strong emotions of loneliness as you are reminded of what isn’t in your life.

Planning Ahead Helps

Regardless of what has happened, planning ahead can help – why, because being aware and prepared so as not to be surprised by your grief triggers.  This could be the year that you fall in love with yourself and become your own Valentine?  Use this day as an opportunity to be creative and romantic for no one else other than yourself.

Having said that, it is important for you not to neglect or ignore what you are feeling.  You may decide to honour yourself and your lost loved one by grieving.  You could set up a sacred ritual space to help you to feel more comfortable and safe. Even create an alter and place meaningful objects on it such as a picture and add candles and anything else that can bring you comfort. Have some music handy. If you find your emotions are stuck, try journaling about how you are feeling, give yourself permission beforehand to allow yourself to cry and your tears to flow.

Fall in Love with You

Afterwards try some deep breathing to calm and help you relax or have a warm bubble bath to settle you.  Light a couple of candles and enjoy a drink as you get dressed for the evening you may have planned for yourself especially if you have prepared a special meal. Ensure to set the table as if you were a visitor being welcomed into your home. Become your own Valentine – time to Fall in love with You.

If you are grieving and feel stuck connect with anne@reconnect-from-grief.


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