Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign is on to

Bell’s Let’s Talk campaign is on to

Yes, Indeed, Let’s Talk

This truly is a brilliant way to have us talking about Mental Health which affects so many and what better way to bring a topic that has been in the shadows for so long out and shed light upon it?

Let’s come together to find ways to help each other cope with depression or schizophrenia and the myriad of other symptoms our Mental Health professionals deal with daily.

One way is to talk about it so that the stigma of having a mental disorder is lessened.  There are so many people suffering because they don’t want to Talk about It out of fear and shame. Time for less judgment.

Clearly more needs to be done but this is a great way to create awareness.

Long-standing Grief & Depression

Another awareness I’d like to create is how grief can add a person to this ever-growing list for those requiring professional help.  Grief if not dealt with can result in severe depression or suicide.  It can sap a person’s life for years after the death occurred.  Grieving is a full body response weakening the immune system and causing health issues.

Not everyone grieving will end up with severe depression or with the symptoms outlined above.  However, that is yet another topic to be discussed and explored.

As science advances unlocking the knowledge to help explain why some mental health issues occur can we then take steps to help prevent the onset.

Mindfulness, breathing, exercise, walking or journaling are some of the tools being used.  Reframing and working on mindset are yet others. Eating healthy and getting more sleep.  Learning to relax and taking days off our electronic devices are just some examples of techniques being implemented or suggested.

Giving our brains a chance to daydream and take time out is another.

However, nothing is ever quite as simplistic and if you feel you grieving and have been for a while please seek professional help.

Regardless of grief, reach out to someone you know and talk to them about what you are noticing.  A simple kindness, someone to speak to can make the world of difference.


Please let’s talk……..


As a grief coach, I am available. Please Chose life and Chose you because we are all here to make a difference in someone’s life.



New Beginnings or Endings?

New Beginnings or Endings?

Happy New Year to You!

What exactly does that mean, if you are grieving it can be like nails to a chalkboard.  How can you be happy you think when your world is no longer the same without your loved one?

Perhaps you can look upon this moment, this year in a different light it’s a New Year albeit without the one you love.  It is an opportunity for you to create or chose what you’d like to experience. It is ripe with new beginnings and infinite possibilities awaiting you to try.

Hard to be Happy

Indeed when you are in mourning it is difficult to feel or even want to be happy.  Especially with your mind and thoughts being with the person you have lost.  You’re grieving.

Despite where you are, you can find moments here to feel and be happy.  Grieving is such heavy energy no wonder we find it hard to pull away from it.   However, the body does need to find balance even for a little while.  It is helpful to find something different to do or focus on.  Even if you don’t want to give it a try.  Believe me it can help. This is called daily action

Doing Something Different

With each daily action, your mind is involved in other things and your focus shifts away from your grief.  This doesn’t happen overnight.  If however you are willing to lay down your grief for a while it can help to ease your pain.

This doesn’t mean leaving your loved one behind.  It is the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that arise in grieving and its these you leave behind if you are willing?

New Beginnings

I love the opportunity new beginning bring.  As a child after a period of being naughty, I was given space to think about my behaviour.  When ready, I’d leave my room and mum and I would talk about it.  After a while, she would suggest I receive a “clean page” where I could begin again being a better person.

I would relish in this thought and savor the possibilities of keeping the page clean!  Well until next time.

Did my love of new beginnings, a clean slate begin there, who knows?  Today, they are my passions and I love guiding my clients to find their new beginnings.  This starts with a shift in mindset and then delving into the work to find themselves.  The next stage is about planning and discovering their clean page for themselves.

A New On-line Program

AI have created a program online, that will teach you just that month by month.  It is a closed group where you will receive support from the group as well as myself.

Did I keep the page clean – well possibly for a little while, mum was always ready to grant a new one.  So you see it is never too late for you to begin your new beginnings and transformation.

If you’re unsure how to – why not email me and let’s have a conversation?

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