Anne DeButte

Heartbreak to Happiness® Coach

Through her passion for guiding and assisting others, Anne has now dedicated her life to helping others through their grief. Often they are stuck and unsure how to get out, how to feel better or how to get back to feeling normal again.

Anne is proof that you can heal from grief for she herself has done so. Her life changed from a normal day at the office into one of shock, disbelieve, anger, guilt, shame, fear and overwhelming sadness (classic symptoms of grief), the cause, the death of her dad.

It was that pivotal moment that turned her life around, she became tireless in her pursuit of healing her own heartache. She is now a passionate advocate for guiding her clients with her dedicated energy to find their purpose and life.

If you would like to find out how you can work with Anne, sign up for a complimentary Discovery Session to book your 60 minute session to find out how you can benefit from her intuitive insights. Here are some comments from her clients.


“I recommend Anne unreservedly as a grief coach for anyone finding
themselves in any major grief situation. I completed her 12 week program.
It is a good way to prompt one to discern major life issues. I found it very helpful in:
– pointing out areas I should watch for;
– reinforcing areas I was already working on; and
– celebrating areas where I am doing well.
Anne’s coaching is warm, engaging, capable and uplifting. She uses good tools, has a prophetic voice, is an expert facilitator. Her wisdom and common sense complete the package”.

Roy Maddocks, February 2015

“Anne has a special knack for bringing out in her clients an unexpected depth of feeling. I experienced her gentle compassion helping me release an old wound and to come to peace around it”

Dhyanis Carniglia, Artist

“Anne is a compassionate, and competent coach. Her intelligence, caring and integrity of intention to make a real difference in the lives of others is evident. With clarity and wisdom she will be a strong gentle force in your personal healing.

I highly recommend Anne and her service to heal and make whole the lives of others”.

Mary-Anne Marsch, Nurse

Anne’s coaching style is one of warmth and compassion.  She was able to guide me to a place of clarity and peace using neutral curiosity and thoughtful questions.”

Kristen Sutich, Former Kindergarten Teacher

 I have enjoyed my time being coached by Anne.  I love how she can zero in and ask the right questions that bring me to that place where I know what I’m feeling.  She took me through the Peace Method with my painful thought and as a result I had a huge aha moment which gave me such joy.  I realized I was holding myself back from feeling joy because subconsciously I was thinking “I can’t be happy if others are not!”

Maggie Ferguson, Former Nurse