Let’s Talk About Grief – Interview Kevin Toolis, Author

My Father’s Wake: How the Irish Teach Us to Live, Love & Die

Totally honored to have connected with fellow author Kevin Toolis for this interview to create a Podcast.  You can get a glimpse into the author’s life and those key moments that formed this memoir.

Kevin certainly has an ability to be fully comfortable talking about death.  It is those moments that began to shape his comfort to be so open about a subject most people shy away from.  Kevin writes  “Death is a whisper in the Anglo-Saxon world,”

My intent is to turn this whisper into a conversation.  Listen now as Kevin begins to share the events, people and places he weaves together in a rhythm that brings this book to life.

Part I

Part II – Personal Death & Grief of Others

In Part II Kevin talks about a personal death, his brother and the effects of cancer and the war and battle language that is often used.  Hear about his intrigue as a reporter by Ireland’s troubles and the interviews conducted with affected families.  Find out about these  “dangerous gifts” and Kevin’s ability to ask questions no one else had.

Part III – The Irish Wake

Is where you will discover those old rites & rituals that have been passed down through the generations. Discover the role of the women in the family to midwife the dying and care for the body after death.  Learn about the keening women and their role in assisting grief and how the wake is a way for the community to support the family.  When you read about death from My Father’s Wake, you will begin to inoculate yourself as a way of being more comfortable around death as the author suggests.


Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – Interview with Nadine Doyle

Today we are talking to Nadine Doyle, a social service professional who has a broad range of skills and experience in supportive counseling, community outreach, program delivery and workshop facilitation.  Her career has taken her into many areas such as Employment Services, Addictions Counselling, traditional and alternative Education Service, Mental Health Services, Women’s Issues,  Child & Youth Counseling and as well as with At-Risk Youth.

Nadine is with us today to help us have a better understanding about addictions.  I’m asking Nadine to put her addiction councilor’s hat back on and speak to us about her involvement with teens, and adults with drug & alcohol addictions.

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in today’s conversation.

  1. The age range of teens and young adults seen for counseling
  2. Referral Systems in place in schools and community
  3. Harm Reduction philosophy versus AA philosophy
  4. Understanding the types of cocaine available
  5. Natural teen curiosity and Fish Bowl parties
  6. Trauma and the importance of support in those moments
  7. Story of drug dealer and Nadine’s education into this world
  8. Trust – an important factor
  9. Government Funding – helping to create training and education – Peer Help – certification
  10. The importance of choices and support and motivation

Lets Talk about Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – An Interview with Tonya Pomerantz

Our interview today, is Tonya Pomerantz, founder of Puddlejump Coaching and author of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success; a roadmap of effective strategies to help young people navigate the twists and turns of adulthood.

Tonya is with us today to see if we can uncover much more on what is underneath this escalating issue facing society worldwide with our teen deaths due to drug overdoses.  In her work with young adults, she sees the stresses and level of pain that these young people are experiencing.  In her words, “there is an epidemic of anxiety out there”



Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in this in-depth conversation.

  1. Why so many young adults still living with their parents
  2. Why parents are stressed out with their young adults not living up to their potential also having their 35-40-year-old children still living at home.
  3. Failure to launch – Sarah Jessica-Parker – as mandatory to watch
  4. How our words, beliefs affect a young child’s outcome in life – nurture/nature
  5. Discussion on teens and drugs – then and now
  6. Social media’s effects and bullying
  7. How to speak to your young adult if you believe they are using drugs
  8. What can Policymakers do or should be aware of to assist in this crisis?

Lets Talk About Grief with Anne – Teens & Drugs – Interview with Dr. Reardon

An interview with Dr. Maxine Reardon-DeButte, Associate Professor of Psychology at West Texas A&M University.  Dr. DeButte holds a doctorate in psychology & neuroscience and teaches on various topics within these areas.

Dr. DeButte is with us today to see if we can uncover what is underneath this escalating issue facing society worldwide with our teen deaths due to drug overdoses.

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in this in-depth conversation.

  1. What Creates Addiction
  2. Adolescent Brain
  3. Theories of Addiction
  4. Reward Model – Positive Reinforcement
  5. Opiates & Rewards System
  6. Predisposition
  7. Teen Brain
  8. Overactive limbic System
  9. Risk Factors
  10. Drugs cross over socioeconomic status
  11. Factors that help – early education
  12. Not one model fits all – policy makers in education, law enforcement, health, and parents need to be involved