Grief Support Available – Two heads are better than one

Grieving alone can feel so isolating and that no one understands or even cares and that is especially so around the holiday times.  Everyone is so busy with their own lives.  That’s where grief coaching comes in to help support you through the wobbly moments.  If you are noticing…..

Reminders are everywhere now alerting us that Christmas is fast approaching. I for one know what a painful reminder this can be when a loved one has died.

It’s hard enough to think in advance of everything that needs to get done let alone wanting to celebrate.

At times, it’s easier to isolate or hibernate and pretend the holidays aren’t coming, however, planning for the holidays and time to grieve can be helpful to your wellbeing.

Grieving a loss is an inside job and you can certainly plan to do just that, in fact, I encourage you to. I also would like to help you reach out and get the support you need to navigate the holiday times.

Let me help you plan so you can do both and feel peaceful with your decision.

To find out more about the 3 mini-coaching sessions I’m offering – email me at or message me and let’s connect?