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Perfectionism – Good or Bad?

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What’s Behind Perfectionism? It is very common these days to see articles written on how perfectionism is bad and holds you back from becoming your greatest self. Why it’s due…

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The Road Less Travelled – Interview Alma Norman

I had the privilege of interviewing, Alma Norman a feisty, 96-year-old at her home recently.  Alma and I met at an…

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Divorce – a Disenfranchised Grief

In our society, we readily acknowledge that grief follows after a loved one dies. It is expected and accepted but this isn’t the case when the couple divorce or a long-time relationship…

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Why Grief Coaching is Valuable for a Life After Loss

When you lose a loved one, it can feel like a chapter of your own life has ended. But I believe that grief can actually be the start of a new life. I’ve previously experienced the shock, numbness, pain, and confusion of bereavement; now, as a certified grief coach, I know that this is part...

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Finding Life after Loss and Healing

When Death Happens Outside the day was filling up with its “normal” that of “getting on with life”.  Right now, my life was anything but normal as mum and I left the shelter of the hospital to cross the parking lot toward the car.  Sadly, once in the vehicle, it…

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