Lets Talk about Grief with Anne – Teens and Drugs – An Interview with Tonya Pomerantz

Our interview today, is Tonya Pomerantz, founder of Puddlejump Coaching and author of Unlock Your Future: The 7 Keys to Success; a roadmap of effective strategies to help young people navigate the twists and turns of adulthood.

Tonya is with us today to see if we can uncover much more on what is underneath this escalating issue facing society worldwide with our teen deaths due to drug overdoses.  In her work with young adults, she sees the stresses and level of pain that these young people are experiencing.  In her words, “there is an epidemic of anxiety out there”



Here is an outline of some of the topics covered in this in-depth conversation.

  1. Why so many young adults still living with their parents
  2. Why parents are stressed out with their young adults not living up to their potential also having their 35-40-year-old children still living at home.
  3. Failure to launch – Sarah Jessica-Parker – as mandatory to watch
  4. How our words, beliefs affect a young child’s outcome in life – nurture/nature
  5. Discussion on teens and drugs – then and now
  6. Social media’s effects and bullying
  7. How to speak to your young adult if you believe they are using drugs
  8. What can Policymakers do or should be aware of to assist in this crisis?