When you lose a loved one, it can feel like a chapter of your own life has ended. But I believe that grief can actually be the start of a new life. I’ve previously experienced the shock, numbness, pain, and confusion of bereavement; now, as a certified grief coach, I know that this is part of the journey. And all journeys lead to something new.

Through Reconnect From Grief, I offer 1:1 grief support to professionals along with advice to businesses on how they can support their employees. Unresolved grief can lead to mental health issues, which significantly impacts on productivity and can lead to large-scale revenue loss. I advise professionals on how to remain focused and teach employers how to manage a team around a grieving member. Grief workshops improve employers’ understanding so they feel less fearful of offering support. Compassion evolves and the grieving employee gains comfort.

Grief support is crucial to feeling less alone and for naturally calibrating one’s internal GPS. My mission is to accompany clients on their journey through grief while honouring their loved ones.

My grief management sessions address mourning, gentle “letting go” and the neutral zone (old life not yet released; new life not yet begun) while teaching clients how to find meaning and hope after loss.

Sometimes, out of tragedy comes a legacy to help others. My legacy is Reconnect From Grief. To find out more or to schedule a grief coaching session, contact me and I’ll be there.